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At Hide Away Campervans, we specialize in enhancing your Kombi or Campervan experience through our premium carpeting and insulation services. Our mission is to infuse style, comfort, and a peaceful travel experience into every journey.

Our carpet selection is nothing short of exceptional, made from high-quality trunk liner material that not only exudes luxury but also features fire retardant properties. Its unique ability to conform seamlessly to your campervan's contours enhances both aesthetics and functionality. You can explore this carpet in three vibrant primary colours, all available for viewing in our workshop.

In addition to our remarkable carpeting, we offer a luxurious suede lining available in a range of three captivating shades. Backed by a plush 3mm foam layer, it's perfect for headliners that not only look stunning but also provide a delightful tactile experience.

To further enhance your road-trip comfort, consider minimizing road noise with our recommended soundproof matting, combined with 7mm closed-cell foam insulation. This powerful combination creates a tranquil haven within your vehicle. For year-round adventures, we offer an optional thermal wool polyester insulation upgrade, providing a triple layer of insulation to ensure your comfort in all four seasons.

At Hide Away Campervans, our dedication lies in transforming your campervan into a sanctuary of style, warmth, and serenity. Join us on a journey to redefine your road trips.

"Discover Elevated Comfort with Hide Away Campervans"



Each process outlined below is intricately connected to the various aspects of our van lining services. Within our diverse range of conversion products, we consistently incorporate these elements, ensuring uniform standards with every installation.

Thorough Preparation
We start with a comprehensive strip-down, cleaning, and meticulous surface preparation to ensure a flawless foundation.

Factory Lining & Optional Plywood
We offer the option to retain the factory lining, with the possibility of upgrading to new ply at an additional cost for those seeking a premium finish.

Seamless Panel Fixings
For VW vans, we utilize hidden trim fixings, creating a seamless look. Other brands benefit from exposed panel clips that are removable for future access.

Metalwork Coverage
Our trunkliner snugly hugs all exposed metalwork, leaving your doors to showcase your interior paintwork. Door cards receive a trim, and all removable panels are expertly covered.

Complete Lining
We ensure thorough coverage, finishing from the bottom floor pan seal to the ceiling. Rubber door seals are removed and lining extends to all edges.

Elegant Ceiling Options
Choose between carpet or suede for the ceiling, with the option to extend the same finish to the front for a harmonious look.

A & B Pillar Trims
For a cohesive interior, we can suede the A & B pillars, including matching sun visors and spray-painting all plastics to create a polished, unified finish.

Dodo Hex Mat Soundproofing

Your comfort on the road is paramount. We apply Dodo Hex Mat Soundproofing to every panel, achieving an impressive 70% coverage rate. This includes the ceiling, ensuring a quieter and more enjoyable journey.

Upgrade for Enhanced Insulation & Soundproofing 

For those seeking enhanced insulation and the pinnacle of soundproofing, our Dodo 6mm Closed-Cell Thermoliner option offers 100% coverage across all panels. It's the ultimate choice for a serene interior.

Affordable Insulation & Soundproofing Improvement

We also provide a cost-effective solution with automotive polyester insulation, effectively filling all voids to reduce noise and enhance your driving experience.



Our pricing structure is primarily tailored to the VW SWB Transporter van. However, we can readily accommodate a variety of SWB and LWB van models. All prices quoted are inclusive of VAT and cover both parts and labour costs.

Carpet Lining Interior Metalwork, Embroidered Logo, Ply Panels & Door Cards using Hidden Panel Clips
Carpet Roof Liner, Removal, Prep & Carpet Trimming
Suede Roof Liner Two Parts & Cover Strips with Suede Trimming
Dodo Hex Mat Sound Proofing Rear Covering 70%
Dodo 6mm Thermo Liner 100% Coverage
Automotive Thermal Wool Insulation; 50 & 100mm Thickness
Suede Trimming Cabin Headliner, Stitched Sun Visors, A & B Pillars Trimmed with Plastic Parts Colour Matching
Suede Trimming of Cabin Headliner
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