Kombi Seating 

Same Day Fitting

Seating Installation 

Hide Away Campervans offers a same day fitting for a row of Kombi seating. We can fit second and third rows in all the combinations


We can fit genuine  VW kombi seats supplied by you or we have limited stock of some Kombi seats at are workshop. All are installations include the VW genuine reinforcement brackets as fitted at factory, including the C pillar reinforcement . 


How much? 

VW Genuine 2+1 Kombi Seats - Can Supply Please Enquire
VW Genuine Rubber Mat
Additional Labour if Ply-Floor is fitted
Modifying OEM Panels
3 Seater Third Row Kombi Seat Installation - Seat Not Supplied
2+1 Kombi Seat Installation Second Row - Seats Not Supplied

*Prices Inclusive of VAT & are subject to change