Diesel Heating

Autoterm diesel heaters are a type of auxiliary heating system designed for vehicles, boats, and other applications where efficient heating is required. These heaters are particularly popular in cold climates and are commonly used in trucks, motorhomes, campervans, boats, and other recreational vehicles. Here are some key features and information about autoterm diesel heaters.

​Autoterm diesel heaters operate by burning diesel fuel to generate heat. They use a combustion chamber to heat the air, which is then blown into the vehicle’s interior to provide warmth.

​These heaters are known for their high energy efficiency. They can efficiently convert diesel fuel into heat, making them a cost-effective heating solution for extended use.

​Many autoterm diesel heaters come with advanced control systems that allow users to set their desired temperature and operate the heater on a timer or schedule. This control allows for efficient and convenient heating management.

​Safety features of these heaters typically come with overheat protection, flameout detection, and low voltage protection to ensure safe operation.

Autoterm offers a range of diesel heaters in different sizes and heating capacities, allowing users to choose the rightmodel based on the size of their vehicle or space and the desired heating capacity.


These heaters are designed to operate quietly, ensuring that they do not disturb occupants in the vehicle or nearby.


How is an Autoterm diesel heater installed in a campervan?
Installing an Autoterm diesel heater in a campervan typically involves mounting the heater unit securely, connecting it to the vehicle’s diesel fuel system, installing an exhaust pipe, and wiring it to the leisure electrical system. The installation process may vary depending on the specific model and campervan configuration. On a VW transporter the diesel heater is installed outside the van mounted to chassis protected by the undertray.

Is it safe to use a diesel heater in a campervan?
Autoterm diesel heaters are designed with safety features such as overheat protection and flameout detection. When installed and maintained correctly, they are safe to use. We always recommend a carbon monoxide monitor when using any heater.

What size Autoterm heater is suitable for a campervan?
The size of the heater you need depends on the size of your campervan. Autoterm offers two heater sizes 2kw & 4kw. In the majority of campervans & smaller motorhomes a 2kw is the correct size heater. Oversizing your diesel heater can damaged your heater componats.

Can an Autoterm diesel heater be used while driving?
Yes, Autoterm diesel heaters can be used while driving. They are often used to preheat the campervan before stopping or to maintain a comfortable temperature during long drives in cold weather.

Can I use other fuels with an Autoterm diesel heater?
Autoterm heaters are designed specifically for diesel fuel. Attempting to use other fuels can damage the heater and void the warranty.

Does my Autoterm heater need a regular technical inspection or service?
If you regularly operate the heater, specifically running it at maximum power for 30 minutes every two weeks during the summer, you can eliminate the need for service or inspection.

​How reliable is a Autoterm diesel heater?
Extremely reliable operation in low temperatures (up to -45°C). With the high altitude control unit the Autoterm diesel heaters can work up to an altitude of 2500m.


We possess the expertise to install these diesel heaters in any type of van, and our facilities are equipped to handle both SWB and LWB installations. Our pricing is tailored to different installation types, ensuring cost-effectiveness for various setups.

​Moreover, we have the necessary diagnostic tools and skills to perform repairs and diagnostics on the entire Autoterm heater range. This service is available for heaters installed by our team as well as those installed by others, demonstrating our commitment to maintaining and servicing your heating system.

​All prices include VAT, parts & labour.

Item Price

VW T5-T6.1 External - Autoterm 2kw Diesel Heater Externally Mounted with Comfort Controller Fitted into B Pillar


VW T5-T6.1 Internal - Autoterm 2kw Diesel Heater Internally Mounted with Comfort Controller Fitted into B Pillar


Other Vehicles - Autoterm 2kw Diesel Heater Internally Mounted with Comfort Controller


Larger Vehicles - Autoterm 4kw Diesel Heater Internally Mounted with Comfort Controller


Alternative Heater Controller Placement, Includes 7m Extension Cable


Autoterm Heater Diagnostics & Unlocking




Hide Away Campervans is proud to be trained and officially recognized as an authorized Autoterm installer. When you choose us for your installation needs, you can rest assured that any work performed by our team is backed by Autoterm’s generous 3-year warranty, in addition to our own workmanship guarantee.

Furthermore, we continuously update our expertise and maintain the latest heater diagnostic equipment, ensuring the highest level of service and expertise for our valued customers.

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