Kombi Seating


Hide Away Campervans provides a convenient same-day fitting service for a range of Kombi seating options. We specialize in installing second and third-row seats in various configurations for your convenience.

​We offer the flexibility to either fit genuine VW Kombi seats that you provide or, in some cases, we may have stock available; please feel free to inquire about our current inventory. Our installations include VW’s genuine reinforcement brackets, as originally fitted at the factory, including the essential C-pillar reinforcement.

​Additionally, we offer removable Kombi seating solutions for a wide range of vehicles, including the Ford Custom van. If you need assistance in sourcing seats or guidance through the process, our experts can help. We are also happy to provide pricing for fitting removable seats according to the manufacturer’s specifications for any van.

​We have the expertise to install kombi seats in everything from empty panel vans to fully converted campervans with finished flooring.


What are VW Kombi seats?
VW Kombi seats are a type of seating arrangement commonly used in Volkswagen Kombi vans. They are known for their versatility and ability to accommodate various configurations, making them popular for campervan conversions and passenger transport.

​Can I purchase genuine VW Kombi seats for my van?
Yes, you can often purchase genuine VW Kombi seats from authorized dealers or suppliers. You can also inquire with us, as we sometimes have stock available for installation.

​What is the advantage of using genuine VW Kombi seats?
Genuine VW Kombi seats come with the assurance of quality and compatibility with your Volkswagen vehicle. They are designed to meet safety standards and often include reinforcement brackets for added security.

​Can you install Kombi seats in vans other than Volkswagen models?
Yes, we offer installation services for Kombi seats in various vehicles, including vans from other manufacturers like Ford Custom vans. We can provide guidance on sourcing seats for your specific vehicle.

​Do you offer removable Kombi seating options?
Yes, we provide removable Kombi seating solutions for added flexibility. Whether you need seating for occasional use or want to reconfigure your van’s interior, we can help you find the right solution.

​How long does it typically take to install Kombi seats?
The installation time can vary depending on the specific vehicle and the complexity of the seating configuration. We offer a same-day fitting service for most installations, but for more extensive conversions, it may take longer.

​Are there safety considerations when installing Kombi seats?
Yes, safety is a top priority. Our installations include VW genuine reinforcement brackets to ensure that the seats are securely fitted. We adhere to safety standards to ensure passenger protection.

​How can I get a quote for Kombi seat installation in my van?
To get a quote for Kombi seat installation in your van, please contact us with your vehicle’s specifications and your specific requirements. We will be happy to provide you with a customized quote.


Revamping your Kombi seating with professional reupholstering services is a smart and stylish way to breathe new life into your vehicle’s interior. Whether you own a classic Volkswagen Kombi or a modern counterpart, reupholstering your seating can completely transform the look and comfort of your ride.

​Our in-house upholstery team plays a pivotal role in this transformation. They are skilled artisans who bring years of expertise to the table, making them a valuable asset for your project. Their adept craftsmanship goes beyond mere refurbishment; they have the ability to revive and rejuvenate even the most tired and worn-out seats, effectively turning back the hands of time to provide a refreshed and inviting interior for your cherished Kombi.


Please note that our stock availability may vary, so we recommend contacting us directly to inquire about product availability. All prices quoted are inclusive of VAT and cover both parts and labor costs.

Item Price

2+1 Kombi Seat Installation Second Row Only. Includes reenforcing brackets.


3 Seater Third Row Kombi Seat Installation


Other Van Kombi Seating Fitting Only


Additional Labour if Ply-Floor is fitted


VW Genuine Rubber Mat (not guaranteed stock)


VW Genuine 2+1 Kombi Seats (not guaranteed stock)


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