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Leisure Battery & Hook Up

We have carefully put together two electrical packages which can be fitted separately but work wonderfully when fitted together. We make use of the latest Victron chargers and NCC class A rated AGM leisure battery.  


You can add 240v hook up to give your camper continuous power on site, never spending a night in the dark. This will give 240v plug sockets to use your kettle or space heater. Don't forget Electrical Installations Certificate included as standard to ensure safety, all our work is completed by skilled and competent technicians

Both 12v & 230v packages are suitable for VW T5 - T6.1 and the Ford Custom.

This package is suitable for Kombi vans. It can be adapted for Campervans.

Whats included?​

  • 95ah AGM Leisure Battery, NCC Class A rated.

  • Victron Orion Smart 18amp Battery to Battery Charger suitable for Euro 6/7 alternators. Connect to the BCM for autonomous charging. 

  • Berker Duel USB Port & 12v Plug Socket. 

  • Bluetooth battery monitor for IOS and android connectivity for easy alerts and monitoring.

  • Fuse Box with future proof space for extra electrical accessories. 

  • All these items are Installed neatly under the drivers seat. 

  • Total integration into the VW or Fords on-board computer system and original dash fuse box utilised for OEM finish. 

  • Customer supplied electrical appliances can be connect along with this install.

  • Quality diffused LED downlighting. 

  • Berker two way switch .

  • Switching control between front & back lights.

  • Optional dual USB reading light, suitable for elevating roofs.

  • Warm white or cool white options.

Whats included?​

  • Electrical Installation Certificate provide, which includes an RCD test, cable resistances and earth bonding.

  • Victron 15amp Bluetooth mains charger.

  • RCD and MCB circuit breakers. 

  • Two Berker 230v sockets. 

  • Choice of hook up points, FAWO side mounted or chassis mounted.

  • Option for hook up point engine bay mounted.

  • All these items are Installed neatly under the single passenger seat or just behind the drivers side wheel arch.

  • Inverter options available. 


Flush Fitting Solar Pannel 

Elevating roof or standard roof our specialised flexible flush fitting panels will fit both, with no external cables. Not to mention these panels are completely black. They unfortunately do not fit all elevating roofs so please get in touch to confirm fitment. 


These panels are highly durable & semi-flexible, reinforced with anodised aluminium and a strong ETFE surface. Made from Germanys latest monocrystalline solar cells. They have a lightly textured coating which creates an anti-reflective surface which allows the panel to absorb a far greater amount of light. The panel is incredibly light at 4.3kg.

These panels are either installed with a PWN or MPPT charge controller, depending which panel you go for.


Whats included?​​

  • Either 160w or 180w depending on your budget.

  • Bluetooth MPPT or PWM charge controllers.

  • Connection to existing battery. 

  • Reinforced flush fitting panel bonded to the roof using UV & weather resistant adhesive. 

  • Professional neat and tidy install.

  • Option for charging both vehicle and leisure battery. 


How much? 

 If you cant quite work out what you are after or fancy something different drop us an email or fill out the form and we can get back to you with a quote. Click here to fill out our form. 

x4 LED Downlights with Berker Two Way Switch
180w Black Reinforced Flexible Solar Panel, Flush Fitting + Victron Bluetooth 15amp MPPT
x8 LED Downlights with Berker Two Way Switch
160w Black Reinforced Flexible Solar Panel, Flush Fitting + PMW Charger
12v Package, AGM Battery, B2B Charger, Bluetooth Monitor, USB & Socket
230V Package, Hook Up, x2 Berker Sockets, & Victron 15amp Bluetooth Charger
12v Package, Lesiure Battery with B2B + Berker Sockets
x6 LED Downlights with Berker Switch
x8 LED Downlights with Berker Switch
230V Package, x2 Berker Sockets, & Victron 15amp Bluetooth Charger
120w Black Reinforced Flexible Solar Panel, Flush Fitting + PMW Charger
180w Black Reinforced Flexible Solar Panel, Flush Fitting + Victron Bluetooth 15amp MPPT

*Prices Inclusive of VAT & are subject to change