Skyline Elevating Roofs

TUV Tested and Approved 

Skyline Elevating Roof

Lead Time

7 Weeks 

Hide Away Campervans offer a full fitting service for Skyline elevating roofs. The Skyline elevating roofs will fit the VW T5 - T6.1.

Skyline elevating roofs have been 12 years in development & manufacture. Skyline use an advance vacuum moulding technique, which ensures they produce a superior rigid elevating roof with no external fittings, this coupled with the 100% waterproof canvas produces one of the best elevating roofs on the market today!

They are suppled with any of the 28 coloured vinyl's to use for the waterproof heavy duty canvas. You can have either a standard canvas or scenic upgrade to open up your camper. The roof is supplied in black or white, but this can be colour coded to match your campervan. It has insulation fabricated into the shell and the inside is finished off a grey suede liner.


Skyline are a UK manufacturer. They are one of the UK market leaders in Safety and now have Full TUV Approval for their elevating roofs and ISO9001 rated, that is why we put our trust into this product.


Skyline Elevating Roof
VW T5-T6.1 

  • Available in SWB or LWB options. Ford Custom available in the SWB only. 

  • NEW Aurora roof, 30mm thinner and with the quick lock system now available. 

  • Choose your Canvas Colour out of 22 high quality options. See Here.

  • Roof comes as standard in Black or White, it can be Colour Coded.

  • All stainless steel fixings, built to last the lifetime of your van. 

  • Front PVC Window with Closure, Two Side Mesh Vents with Waterproof Closure. 

  • 5 Year Warranty offered by Skyline. 


*Prices Inclusive of VAT & are subject to change

Skyline Elevating Roof Pricing

Choose your size elevating roof, if you would like a bed add one of the bed options. Then decided on your optional extras to personalise your roof.

T5/T6, SWB - Skyline Elevating Roof + Polishing in Gloss Black or White with Canvas
T5/T6.1 - Skyline Aurora + Polishing in Gloss Black or White with Canvas
Sky-Low Skyline Elevating Roof in Gloss Black or White with Canvas
Bi-Fold Bed on Gas Struts Carpeted
Standard Bed on Gas Struts Carpeted
Scenic Canvas Upgrade
Sliding Cover Panel, Reduce Noise & Tidys Canvas Away in Cabin
Roof Rails & Cross Bar in Matte Black
Colour Coding
Memory Foam Mattresses with Cover
Trimming of Exposed Roof/Metal with Carpet
8 Downlights + Reading Light, with Twin USB, Switched supply to Existing Battery
180w Black Reinforced Flexible Solar Panel, Flush Fitting + Victron Bluetooth MPPT

*Prices Inclusive of VAT & are subject to change


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